SR-Cognition is a complete therapeutic tool-set targeting adult cognitive rehabilitation. The materials in this all-inclusive kit provide a multisensory framework to allow clients to re-learn skills and concepts through their most effective learning modality.


Target rehabilitation areas of this kit include:

  • •  Orientation
  • •  Attention and Scanning
  • •  Memory
  • •  Receptive and Expressive Language
  • •  Reasoning and Problem Solving


Contents of this kit include:


Great for use with:

  • •  Neurologically Impaired Individuals
  • •  Developmentally Delayed Adults
  • •  Head Injured Clients
  • •  High School Students



Tote Box

This sturdy tote box houses all of the kit contents; allowing for ease of mobility and increased organization.

Master Workbook

This modernized workbook can be used in a standard workbook manner, lying on the desk. It may also be used as a flipchart to provide additional sensory cues for the client, when activity items prove to be too challenging.  This book includes 300+ pages of therapeutic activities, presented hierachically and designed to target the areas listed below. Activities inlcude, but are not limited to, immediate and delayed recall, following directions, convergent/divergent naming, verbal sequencing and emergency preparedness.


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Click on the links below to see a sample page from each section in this book:

  1. Orientation
  2. Attention and Scanning
  3. Memory
  4. Receptive and Expressive Language
  5. Reasoning and Problem Solving


Supplemental Workbook

This colorful laminated workbook provides supplemental multisensory stimuli for activities presented in the Master Workbook.  This book includes re-useable, reproducible pages, including, but not limited to, caregiver information, activities of daily living, calendars, schedules, menus, maps, signs and symbols. The pages in this book may be used time and time again and may be reproduced and distributed to the client, his/her family and/or caregivers as desired.


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Photo Cards

Four sets of 5"x7" colorful photographic cards (85 cards total) are designed for confrontational naming, categorization and scanning, sequencing and problem solving.  These cards include up-to-date photographs of everyday objects, animals, actions, categories and pictorial absurdities.

Picture Cards

Twenty 2"x2" two-sided, laminated, full-color picture cards may be used alone or in conjunction with the activities provided in the Workbooks. These cards allow for tactile manipulation during activities including, but not limited to: memory, word finding, following directions, and language building.