Comprehensive Speech-Language-Cognitive Rehabilitation Kit for Adults

Research conducted by Speech Remedy, LLC, of San Francisco, CA, a leading provider of speech therapy rehabilitation materials, shows that many health professionals are frustrated by the lack of current, multicultural, functional, "real life" applicable materials for those 16 and older. To address this need, Speech Remedy founders Joanna Boyer and Terri Tarnoff Snyder, both certified practicing speech-language pathologists, created SR-Cognition, a multi-sensory therapeutic tool kit for adult rehabilitation.

This new, up-to-date tool-kit, with a hands-on, interactive approach to learning is available at . The kit will help to rehabilitate individuals who have sustained a stroke, traumatic brain injury, cranial resection, tumor, or are suffering from degenerative conditions such as dementia, ALS, or multiple sclerosis. It also may aid high school aged individuals with developmental challenges by providing functional and independent life skills training.

The comprehensive kit contains two workbooks (one with easel option and one with re useable, reproducible pages) featuring hundreds of therapeutic activities, photo cards, picture cards, and a dry erase marker, all in a sturdy portable tote box. Activities and exercises feature realistic every day scenarios, in real world environments using current cues for memory and language building.

After extensively reviewing the limited number of existing adult therapeutic materials, Speech Remedy conducted research and collected feedback from the SLP community to develop, what they believe is the most comprehensive, up-to-date adult speech therapy product on the market today. The kit can be used in a one-on-one or group setting.

The kit targets five major areas of cognition: 1) orientation; 2) attention and scanning; 3) memory; 4) receptive and expressive language; 5) reasoning and problem solving. Research shows that with early intervention, speech- language-cognitive rehabilitation can substantially help people achieve their best possible long-term outcomes.

Speech Remedy products incorporate a multisensory (auditory, visual and tactile) approach which is generally recognized as the most effective treatment therapy for learning difficulties.

The peer reviewed and tested materials are designed to stimulate minds of patients and provide the necessary support to foster independence. "SR- Cognition is a wonderful piece of equipment. Every therapist should have it in their arsenal of therapy materials," said Lawrence Friedman, speech pathologist clinical mentor for Evergreen Health Care in Tracy, CA.

SR Cognition is a great starter kit for the beginning clinician, an up-to-date addition to an existing library of materials and an easy-to-use product for family carry-over and long term recovery. The re-usable design of the kit makes it convenient as well as environmentally friendly. The SR-Cognition tool kit is $299.

Contents of SR Cognition kit include:

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